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Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding, the only wedding planning tools site catering for Multicultural couples, AfroCaribbean couples, African Americans and African couples in the UK, US, Caribbean and Africa.

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My Afro Caribbean Wedding is the only and fastest growing online wedding planning tools platform catering for Multicultural and Afro Caribbean couples across the UK, US, Caribbean and Africa. We are a media and technology company that provides contents, planning tools, products and various services to couples planning their weddings, a family, searching for travel inspiration and creating a home.

We launched in January 2018, and since then we have considerably grown our user audience across our site and our social media channels at such a short period of time to over 140,000+ users. Our success story has been born due to the missing niche market not tapped into by any major wedding planning platforms to cater for the needs of these audience.

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My Afro Caribbean Wedding trades under our parent company, My Precious World. Our long term goal is to diversify our business to provide services for all couples and families from any part of the world through My Precious World. Our 2019 / 2020 goals are huge; we plan to organize various wedding and event shows, launch a mobile app, a wedding marketplace and publish our own bridal magazine issues.

Why Advertise With Us

We are the only online wedding planning tools platform catering for AfroCaribbean and African American weddings in the UK, USA & Caribbean in our market segment. This is a niche market which has not been tapped into by any other major wedding platform.

Advertising with us gives your business real organic exposure to our rapidly growing user audience of savvy couples and a different demographic platform marketing strategy not already tapped into for your business which includes AfroCaribbean couples who are often under-represented within the wedding industry. My Afro Caribbean Wedding fills this void by connecting you directly with our user audience constantly in search of vendors like you for their dream weddings, travel, lifestyle, home and family needs.

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How Else Can You Partner With Us

You can send us a request of interest to be our main sponsor. Being a main sponsor to My Afro Caribbean Wedding opens many doors, building brand awareness and secure leads to your business for a year. Your business will be featured on all our Ad channels on our site as well as listed on the header and footer of our site for a 4 months, 8 months or a year partnership.

We also have bridal event shows coming up where you can also register your interest to exhibit, sponsor or partner with us. Being a main sponsor means, the event show will include your business name as part of the event name.

Optionally, if you do have your own wedding fair show event coming up and you want to attract AfroCaribbean / multicultural couples and wedding vendors to attend and exhibit at your wedding fair, then you can have us to help advertise your event with the options of using our brand name to help promote your event. For exhibition, sponsorship and partnership enquiries, please contact business@myafrocaribbeanwedding.com

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For our general ad rates inquiries, contact us to request for our Adverts Rate Card. Many thanks for reading, we can not wait to work with you to give your business the leads it has been missing out in this market segment. Best wishes from us at My Afro Caribbean Wedding.

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Our Partners


Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools

Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools

Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools

Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools

Advertise With My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools