LIMITLESS Seldons! They Broke Every Chain to Create The World’s Best Love Story

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LIMITLESS Seldons! They Broke Every Chain to Create The World’s Best Love Story

True love is a powerful emotion and over the years I bet most of y’all have read so many beautiful love stories which have captured your hearts. If there’s one thing we all enjoy, it’s a decent love story. One that fills our hearts with the joy, emotions, hope and despair of the opposite attraction. One that inspires us with wonderful characters, gripping plot that we’ll read time and time again.

These Afro Caribbean Cute Wedding Proposals and Love Stories Left Us ‘Aww-struck’ in 2019
These Afro Caribbean Cute Wedding Proposals and Love Stories Left Us ‘Aww-struck’ in 2019

Oh well, this one you’re about to read is right up there as one of the world’s best love story, even giving Romeo and Juliet a run for their money. So sit back, relax, let’s take y’all to church and savour in this beautiful power couple’s moment, a real life love story and testimony of The Seldons shared by Keisha on her instagram page @iamkeishagreen_.

These Afro Caribbean Cute Wedding Proposals and Love Stories Left Us ‘Aww-struck’ in 2019
These Afro Caribbean Cute Wedding Proposals and Love Stories Left Us ‘Aww-struck’ in 2019


On the 23rd of August 2013, a beautiful queen and young mother to 3 handsome boys (Zyeir, JoMari, and John) Quateshia Green was “Severed to Faith”. While driving home from a night with her girls, she approached another vehicle from behind, but her passenger panicked snatching the steering wheel sending the vehicle out of control. The car then crashed into a guardrail. The guardrail then came through the engine block severing Keisha’s left leg immediately piercing through her right leg.

The medics who attended to her at the scene of the accident was left with no choice but to destroy and remove her legs on the side of the highway to be able to free her. This changed her life forever to a new path ordained

“As I sat there stuck in the car I began to pray Lord please help me right now. I was screaming Jesus. As I waited on the jaws of life to be liberated from the vehicle I began to hear a loud banging sound. This was the jaws of life coming to release me. With every bang the spirit came over me saying break every chain break every chain.

The fireman picked me up I felt light weighted, then came the black out.” The doctors had initially said she’d remain in hospital for about a year, but she ended up recovering miraculously in just 3 weeks. Who does that fam??! Jehovah has the FINAL SAY!!

“While on the respirator for two days I was on vacation with The Lord. God had assured me that I did not have any legs but there was not one other thing wrong with me. The spirit said to me I will remove all anger and fear I’m gonna give you and your boys peace in your heart that passes all understanding. When The Lord opened my eyes my family was there waiting, we began to praise God for his work. I let everyone know this was not a time to be sad but a day to celebrate. God was giving me new legs to walk into the new territory that he has for me. He said the legs you had wasn’t strong enough to walk into the territory I have for you.


As the weeks past and I continued to praise and worship, God said to me they may think I have made u smaller while removing the legs but you are now taller than you have ever been which means you are closer to me. Embrace the new you take on this platform that I have given to you go and and share your testimony with the world letting them know how awesome and amazing I am.”

After losing my legs I wasn’t sure if he (Bae) would still be together. I was wondering could he be with me without the legs? Well God well showed me that a true king will love all of my flaws. He said:

I’mma make you my Queen. I love you more than I did before, he said you won’t ever be able to run out my life. We fought hard for our love, 17 years of fighting

Mr. John Seldon (@john_166_s) did that!! Like for real, he’s one of the most amazing KINGS out there as not many men would stick to true love. He’s a great one and well done for defining true love. 17 years what!!! Just bliss fam.

No matter that after all we had endured the lost of love ones the lost of limbs but he didn’t refused to lose anymore time and he decided to never spend another day apart! Baby you surprised me with 17 balloons and 17 roses and I thought that was enough but then you got on your knee, and popped the question! WILL YOU MARRY ME? Call me Mrs. Seldon because I said YES!!!!!!

. Their love story also reminds us of The Singletons who survived Brain cancer but now happily married!

Okurr who’s cutting onions please, identify yourself otherwise …. this is just one of the best love stories ever imagined. God definitely showed up big time like for real. Now look at the queen shining like a star, a motivational speaker, an authour, a BOSSLADY, a business women, a ROCKSTAR with a divine and delivered KING. For all those reading this and had some point had lost hope in HIM, REMEMBER.. For HE said, entrust me with EVERYTHING, your PROBLEMS, your SUCCESS, your DREAMS… FOR MY PROMISE ARE JUST AS TRUE TODAY AS THEY WERE IN THE PAST.

John Seldon and soon to be Mrs Keisha Seldon, y’all both blessed and the utmost best wishes to you as you embark on your beautiful journey to Together Forever. Much love from My Afro Caribbean Wedding and My Precious World team. CONGRATS AND GOD BLESS Y’ALL!!!

Fam, you can check out and support the amazing Kiesha Green via her website

Groom to Be: @john_166_s
Bride To Be @iamkeishagreen_
CEO founder @leglessdivas
Owner @indarisalonsuites


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