My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning Tools 1st Year Anniversary

January 2, 2019 Comment

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It’s Ola, the founder of My Afro Caribbean Wedding. Happy New Year!

Founder of My Afro Caribbean Wedding - Olalekan Sulaiman
Jessica and Ola – Founder of My Afro Caribbean Wedding

As we enter into a new year full of LOVE STORIES and BLISS, we want to recap on an amazing 2018 for us and tell you what to expect from My Afro Caribbean Wedding in the coming months.

Black Wedding Photographers
Black Couple Goals, Love and Wedding Inspiration – Wedding Photography by D2tography, a Boston Black Wedding Photographer

My Afro Caribbean Wedding is ONE YEAR OLD today after our launch on 2nd January 2018!! Woohoo!! It has been an amazing year with all your support, amazing love stories and beautiful inspirations shared with us and our audience.

Boston Black Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography by D2tography, a Boston Black Wedding Photographer

Our Success Story and Achievements in our First Year…

Since we launched, we have been one of the fastest growing wedding platforms with a great number of users registered on our website and across our social media channels in our first year. With now over 180 wedding vendors in our vendor directories, around 568 couples registered to use our wedding planning tools or have got in touch with us to connect them to wedding vendors in the first year across all our 4 sites, with the US being our largest registered user audience, followed by the UK, Nigeria, and then Ghana. Not registered yet? Register as a UK couple, UK wedding vendor, US couple, US wedding vendor, Ghanaian couple, Ghanaian wedding vendor, Nigerian couple, Nigerian wedding vendor.

We now have a great social community of amazing people who have supported us all through with real and organic user audience of over 70,000+ across all our social media channels. Thanks to you for all your kind support.

At the Black Young Professional Network Xmas Wakanda party in the UK, I was awarded the ‘BYP Innovator of the Year’ having successfully launched our wedding planning tools site to the UK, USA, Ghana and Nigeria and growing our user audience successfully all by myself. Trust me, this platform was created with so much hard work just outside of my bedroom door, dedication and prayer went into it. With a family to cater for, a full time job, no investment, it wasn’t easy so I am really quite grateful to the BYP Network for recognizing me for this award. BYP Network is a great network for black professionals. So I recommend you to check them out, register with them and download their app available on App Store and Google Play Store. I personally call it the Linked in for Black Professionals. BYP Netork was founded by a 26-year old female entrepreneur and since then have grown. I admire them so much.

My Afro Caribbean Wedding Founder Olalekan Sulaiman awarded Black Young Professional Innovator of the Year. Award Presented by Founder of BYP Network, Kike Oniwinde
My Afro Caribbean Wedding Founder Olalekan Sulaiman awarded Black Young Professional Innovator of the Year. Award Presented by Founder of BYP Network, Kike Oniwinde

Things to look forward to in 2019 / 2020

I am proud of our decision to have made our platform completely free to register for both couples and vendors. We also did not take any adverts in our first year. Getting married brings so much joy to families, their friends and the couples. We want to ensure that we provide the ultimate support wherever or however we can, by providing useful resources, inspirations, ideas and planning tools to our couples and the vendors who work so hard to put together their dream day. Hence, we will continue to make My Afro Caribbean Wedding platform free to register for our couples and vendors.

In order to ensure we continue to improve our sites to bring innovative tools to our platform and connect couples to ideal vendors who can not reach out to our user audience with their services. We will form reliable partnerships with trustworthy businesses. From the 2nd of January 2019, vendors can now advertise on our websites. For any advert or partnership inquiries, kindly contact

Organizing our First Event Show

My Precious World our parent company has so much more in the basket in 2019 / 2020. So busy times ahead for us.

We are happy to announce that we will be organizing our very first event shows both in the UK and US (Africa and the Caribbean coming soon – promise). We believe it will be the very first event show of its kind ever organised by any business in the wedding industry. We like to be very creative and always thriving to be different and give anything a go at the right pace.

My Afro Caribbean Wedding Show and Events
My Afro Caribbean Wedding Show and Events

Unfortunately, we won’t be spilling all on here yet until closer to the time but obviously the event show will definitely include various fashion shows, the norm and more exciting features never seen at any other bridal event shows.

If interested in exhibiting as a vendor, register your interest in advance by sending an email to or subscribe to our newsletter and we will send a reminder to you closer to the date.

If interested in sponsoring as a partner, register your interest in advance by sending an email to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

My Precious World Mobile App

My Precious World have started working on our very first mobile app for our site which will be the very first enabling multicultural and AfroCaribbean couples and wedding vendors to connect with each other.

Wedding Magazine Issue Launch 2019 Spanning 2020 release.

My Precious World will start working on releasing our first issues of our magazine late in 2019 and might span till 2020. We don’t want to spill too much on this yet, but to give an idea it won’t feature just bridals. Our magazine issues will have an AfroCaribbean feel to it. Watch this space.

Wedding Shop Launch.

We completed the development of our Wedding shop in November 2018. However, we will not be going live with it just yet. This is our biggest project of all, hence we want to make sure we have all the resources on board to support us as well as our prospective customers.

Much more details will be provided closer to our launch date. Watch this space, very exciting times ahead.

Thank you all for engaging with My Afro Caribbean Wedding and My Precious World throughout the year and your continued participation for the exciting things to come in 2019! We look forward to meeting you at our first event shows in the UK and US! Best wishes to you and your beautiful families. Cheers to LOVE and KINDNESS.

my afro caribbean wedding logo

My Afro Caribbean Wedding Team


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