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    Welcome to My Afro Caribbean Wedding Forum — a place for engaged couples, vendors and experts to support one another and discuss all things weddings. Share your questions, ideas, inspirations and advice with other couples, vendors and experts and get real time responses — anytime, day or night!

    To get started, it is important you read the rules and guidelines for using this wedding discussion forum. This would help to keep the forums a safe, supportive, and friendly place for everyone.

    Key rules:

    • Be respectful and kind to other community members at all times
    • No advertising or commercial content – including buying or selling wedding items

    Be ready for different opinions – Keep in mind the community welcomes people who have different opinions and experiences. Our members live all over the world and have different budgets, traditions, plans, and priorities. We are here to support one another with helpful advice and productive discussions.

    Give your discussion a clear title – For the best responses, make sure your discussion title is easy to understand and specific to the topic of your post. Avoid titles like “Help” or “Wedding Advice”; instead try something like “DJ Pricing Questions” or “When to Send Save the Dates?”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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