EE2G17 Ese Azenabor The Bridal Fashion Designer’s Elegant Texas Wedding

January 13, 2019

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On December 31st, an Afro Caribbean bride and now ‘Bogini’ wifey for lifey, the super gorgeous Ese Azenabor a talented Nigerian born Wedding Dress and Fashion Designer married her long time Polish partner Eric Grembowski. Whoop Whoop! Yes you heard that right, she’s the same lady of prowess who has made several other Afro Caribbean brides say “YES TO THIS DRESS” all over the world from Canada, to US, Nigeria, UK, Ghana to name a few. Congrats and much love to the Grembowskis! (By the way, Bogini means Goddess in Polish. I was just trying to show off my Polish skills having travelled to Poland before. In whispers: Ese if you’re reading this what part of Poland is he from).

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When we thought ForeverOni17 Billie and Olumides’ Game of Thrones themed Carnival wedding (as featured on My Afro Caribbean Wedding Africa) which locked down Lekki in Lagos Nigeria was going to be the only trending wedding on New year eve, well Ese Azenabor and her Wedding Planner, Dure Events had other things in mind to make sure Texas too was locked down on the same day. The wedding event was held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel located in Dallas Texas, which is an exquisite wedding venue with a capacity of 2660 for you and your Wedding guests, 8 ball rooms to choose from, a private seven-acre park if you decide you want to have an outdoor ceremony and very quite close to the airport.

EE2G17 Ese Azenabor The Bridal Fashion Designer's Elegant Texas Wedding

The fairy tale wedding ceremony of the Nigerian bridal fashion designer Ese Azenabor and Eric was a dream wedding full of memories that could be relived in the couple’s memories forever as seen from the exciting and inspiring tons of videos and images posted on her Instagram page @eseazenabor.

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As you know, it was no surprise that Ese Azenabor wore a design of her own, which was a gorgeous captivating wedding dress with an Ese Azenabor unique style stamped to it. Her 2 beautiful sisters @dosexose and Violet were her maids of honor, in which their amazing lace bridesmaids dresses were also by the beautiful Bride and Fashion designer. The girls were blazing HOT in their dresses in which the lace Fabric was provided by Kwamuhle Fabrics (based in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria – @temiladyofkwamuhle).

Ese Azenabor ee2g17 Wedding and Bridal Fashion Designer via My Afro Caribbean Wedding

In fact probably almost all ladies at the EE2G17 wedding must have had their dresses designed by the Fashion icon. Her bridesmaids sparkling white lace detailed stunning dresses were all Esé Azénabor couture, the stunning sweet 16 mother of the bride’s dress was obviously designed by the bride again, and oh yes the mother-in-law’s dress, we need not mention who the designer is. Not to worry though, Ese will be kind to assist us to name the rest otherwise we will go on and on. Hence the EE2G17 Wedding, the name and brand will be remembered for a very long time and we are not going to lie, we are fans already (that’s no secret, winks).

Ese Azenabor ee2g17 Wedding and Bridal Fashion Designer via My Afro Caribbean Wedding
Ese Azenabor #ee2g17 Bridesmaids Wedding in Dallas Texas

Re-live some of the amazing photos from her wedding, right from her Vegas bridal shower with the ‘bikini ladies’ (they wish), to her Traditional wedding with the handsome Eric Brembowski all glammed up in his blue Agbada outfit (gwan mate), to the stunning piece of the couples on the stairs with Ese’s amazing wedding dress all shone through, to the rest of the bridesmaids and family photos all nicely captured by the wedding photography guru Raheem of @rhphotoarts based in Houston Texas.

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Wedding Vendors featured on Ese Azenabors Elegant Wedding

Okay now that you all have read this amazing piece (i wish) courtesy of the amazing author at My Afro Caribbean Wedding, why not hit up the amazing Wedding Vendors below for your Wedding or Events.

Starting with your Wedding Dress of course —->> Nigerian Bridal Fashion Designer ESE AZENABOR

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