4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!

November 25, 2019 Comment

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of stress and drama. There are times you would want to throw your hands up in the air and give up. How you deal with these sticky situations is what defines your wedding-planning experience. That’s why we have put together tips on how you can solve those wedding planning dilemmas.

So, say goodbye to wedding drama!  

If someone invites you to their wedding. Do you have to invite them to yours?

4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!
4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!

In most instances, yes. However, the first thing to consider is your relationship with this person. If both of you have fallen out of touch and their wedding was a few years ago, you are under no obligation to invite them. Save spots on your guest list for those you are close with and the supportive ones. This helps, especially when you are on a tight budget.  

My Mother-in-law is trying to take over. What should I do?

4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!
4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!

Meddling mothers can add so much pressure to planning a wedding. Allocate an aspect of the wedding that you find difficult to plan and pass them as duties to her. That way, she’ll feel involved and appreciated and you can avoid having to do it yourself. Don’t totally shut her out.


We don’t want children at the wedding. How Do we politely tell our guests?

Don't totally shut her out
4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!

Many couples don’t invite children to their wedding, because they can be a distraction at events. However, if you are going to stick to your policy, make no exception. No exception for your best friend or family member, as it would be unfair for other guests.

Let your guests know from the get-go so that they can organize a babysitter. If a guest asks why, be honest with your reasons especially if it’s because of costs or room capacity. If it’s about distractions, an idea is to create a space for children in another part of the venue or hire babysitters. That way, your reception is children-free and parents don’t need to be far from their children. Check out our featured wedding venue and event decorators, for that cute children space.  

Plus one’s Dilemma

Make sure your invitations are addressed properly
4 Common Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved!

There is never enough space on the guest list to invite everyone, but some of your guests won’t understand this. To avoid problems and stories that touch, LOL,  make sure your invitations are addressed appropriately.

You can extend plus-ones to those that are in a committed relationship. Those you’ve met and are engaged or married.  

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