Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain

Calle Victoria Malaga Spain

Hi I´m Marcia, a black passionate, creative, eclectic wedding celebrant fondly known as “M” or “MB.  I´m originally from Leeds, UK, now living in Málaga, Southern Spain.  I write and officiate bespoke destination wedding ceremonies for busy couples in the UK and Spain.  I particularly love alternative ceremonies, bilingual, elopements, LGBTQ+, multicultural, multiracial and micro weddings.  My skill is in the unique way I weave my couples love story into a vibrant mix of ceremonies that can include symbolic rituals like the hand-fasting ritual. 

Are you a busy couple working within sectors like law, charitable sectors, marketing, sales, interior design, fashion design, medical practioners, life coaching, creative or offering services to people that make people feel good about themselves?  Yes? Are you someone seeking an alternative fun and vibrant wedding, who appreciates life, vibrancy, passion, creativity and eclectic style? Yes?  You have come to the right place.  It´s so good to meet you.  

If someone had told me in the future, I would learn to speak Spanish, I would probably have thought maybe!! Why not!! I´ve always considered Spanish as a romantic language and loved the vibrant culture...But if they´d said Marcia you´re going to become a celebrant and write and officiate bespoke destination wedding ceremonies in the UK and Spain; I don´t think, I would have believed them but it´s really been one of the best things I´ve ever done… Don´t get me wrong I loved working within UK charities where I worked for 20+ years supporting and motivating vulnerable individuals; but I knew I longed for something more; to use my creativity every day.

Like you, my dream began on paper followed by my revelation that I could use my vault of experience helping couples to have a celebrant led ceremony. With my creativity and passion for working with people; I took the plunge and trained to become a celebrant.

I´m vibrant and eclectic; maybe a bit like you!! It´s in the bright clothes I wear; maybe that you wear…My crazy hair!! My Afro Caribbean heritage. Your passion for life, My passion for bringing your story alive.  Want colour? then that´s exactly what you´ll get…we´ll share this together on your special day... If you want an alternative wedding ceremony full of life; that weaves your amazing love story into symbolic rituals like a Hand-fasting, Jumping the broom or other cultural rituals and more that´s me…

I use the experience from my vault of listening to people’s stories of love and life over the decades, and that´s a lot… alongside my creativity and imagination for interpreting stories.  Added into the mix; positive energy and inspiration I feel when I´m connected to nature to write your bespoke wedding ceremony. If my style resonates with you and your dream is a wedding with colourful metaphors, then I´m the celebrant for you. M xxx