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I am DJ Speens, a professional talented and certified Events and Wedding DJ based in Coventry and weekends in Essex / London. I am the current resident DJ at Escape Bar and Restaurant usually belting great African and Caribbean tunes.

DJ 2Spadez Wedding DJ African Caribbean Music DJ for Weddings in London Essex Birmingham Wedding Vendor at My Afro Caribbean Wedding Planning UK

I DJ all over the UK for African and Caribbean weddings and I’m here to ensure your Wedding day is buzzing, entertaining and your bridal party / wedding guests are rocking the dance floor. Name whatever type of music you want for your wedding needs, as a certified DJ, I play all genres of music ranging from Afro Beat, Bashment, Soca, Dance hall, Reggae, R&B, Hip hop, Gospel Mix, Old School, Funky House, House, you name it.

DJ Speens AfroBeats and Caribbean Wedding DJ
DJ Speens AfroBeats and Caribbean Wedding DJ

Frequently Asked Questions I’m often asked include:

  • Can you DJ anywhere asides Coventry, London and Essex?
    Yes, I can DJ anywhere in the UK as I am mobile. So if you are looking for a great African Caribbean Wedding DJ in Birmingham, Leeds, Northampton, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Luton, Watford, Machester, North West, Cardiff, Belfast, just anywhere I’ll be glad to be playing at your wedding.
  • Do you play other African or other Genre of songs asides the one I mentioned?
    Yes as a certified DJ, I play any genre of music and other African music as well such as Congolese, Ugandan, Zambia, Zim, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Tanzania, South African tunes.
  • What is your DJ rate?
    The rate differs as it depends on the location of your wedding as the further away the higher the rate, But not to worry as my rates are very affordable and one of the cheapest for the standard I set as a professional DJ. My main aim is to ensure your wedding planning falls into place and you manage your budget properly, as a Wedding Vendor I have to ensure your dream wedding is as successful as ever and a happy bride and groom means job well done.


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One thought on “DJ Speens African and Caribbean Wedding DJ

  1. Jess

    3 years ago

    We used DJ 2Spadez at my son's christening reception party. Although not wedding, but equally a big event for our baby dedication ceremony. We are a family of mixed Nigerian and Jamaica, and he was able to please our guests from both backgrounds wih great tunes of Caribbean and African music. After everyone had their food, there were some good tunes he played like the Candy dance that got us all dancing, and my family when we here those songs we just like to get into formation and move to the tune in steps. It was quite a good time we had not gonna lie. I highly do recommend DJ 2 Spadez if you're definitely having an Afro Caribbean event

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