Yes, It’s another Instagram love story and a beautiful proposal. Christian and Maurice proposal is giving us all the right vibes. It was in the most beautiful setting. The floor was covered in 60,000 petals. The setting also had a ‘Marry Me’ sign covered with the most elegant balloons and flowers. Woosh! It was absolutely stunning. Like we said earlier, it’s an Instagram love story. 

Christian started following Maurice because of a funny and viral comment he made on a post. Maurice noticed Christian watching his stories, went through her page, and found the perfect time to slide into her Dm’s - on Christmas day! (hmm, taking notes). They established an online friendship and as time went on, fell head over heels with each other. Keep scrolling to read about their love and proposal story. 

About The Couple

Bride-to-be Christian Scott is a federal advisory associate for one of the big four accounting firms. Groom-to-be Maurice Nick is a director of supply chain management both residing in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Christian and Maurice Proposal

How They Met

They met on Instagram. Christian started following Maurice because of a funny and viral comment he made on "The Shade Room" post. Maurice noticed Christian watching his stories and went to investigate the new admirer. He loved how she was a woman of God. According to Maurice, she was bold in her faith, she seemed highly intelligent and fun, and last but not least attractive. 

  Christian and Maurice Proposal

After watching her page for about a month, He saw the perfect opportunity to slide in her DM's on Christmas Day 2020. From that moment, the pair talked almost daily leading up to their first in-person date on Feb 5, 2021. Christian is from Ohio and lived there at that time. Maurice told his sister and two frat brothers that he was flying out there to meet her for a weekend-long date. Immediately after that date, they individually told their family and friends that they think they had just gone on their first date with their wife/husband. It really didn't take long to realize that they were exactly what the other person had been praying for. 

On April 25th, they made it official with Maurice asking Christian to be his Girlfriend. According to the couple, it has been the best decision for them both ever since. Christian took the next major step and moved her and her daughter from Springfield, Ohio to Tysons Corner, Virginia. There, she would be close to her new job and even closer to Maurice who is from Prince George's County but has lived in Baltimore for the last five years.

They are a testament to moving at God's pace and keeping him first every step of the way. So without hesitation, on January 26th, Maurice bent the knee to secure their forever. And to the question, "Will you Marry Me?", Christian gave a vigorous "Yes"!

How He proposed

By groom-to-be, Maurice,

Christian and Maurice Proposal

Christian and Maurice Proposal

I knew I wanted the proposal to be as intentional as every interaction Christian and I have shared. We decided to not post about each other online until this very moment. This was going to be our unveiling to family and friends that we aren't that close to and only interact with online. Of course, all close family and friends had met us during the nine months we were dating. So I decided to stay true to myself, and plan a proposal exhibiting the class and style my father had instilled in me and my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, had further refined. 

Christian and Maurice Proposal

Christian and Maurice Proposal

My default thoughts are always on a larger scale, and then typically, I narrow the details down. This time, I kept them where they were. I knew how I wanted to design the event. "Marry Me" in lights, covered with the most elegant balloon and flowers. The floor needed to be completely covered in rose petals and it took 60,000 petals to achieve that. 

Christian and Maurice Proposal

Christian and Maurice Proposal

Lastly, I wanted the approach to lights to signify the journey we took to get to that moment. I blew up 6 photos to the height of 3ft to show the milestones we had crossed and how each one brought me one step closer to bending my knee. After my heartfelt speech, I bent my knee, asking Christian to marry me. Opening up a box containing a 3.5ct diamond ring from a boutique dealer that is absolutely perfect and one of a kind like she is.

Wedding Date and Location

The Wedding date has not been set yet.

Love Notes 

The couple wrote a note of love to each other:

To Christain,

You are the love of my life. God really showed out when creating you, and I can't help but think he had me in mind because you're absolutely everything I've ever prayed for and dreamed of. You compliment every area of my life and add strength, growth, love and stability to the places where it's needed. I am my best version because of you.

  • Maurice

Christian and Maurice Proposal

To Maurice,

I have never known a love like this existed. You are the sweetest, most thoughtful and loving man I have ever known. I have never felt so protected until you held me in your arms. I have never felt so covered until you prayed for me. I have never felt so seen, until you looked at me and showed me things I didn't know I was missing. Taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. Introduced me to experiences that changed my life, and all I can think about is a future with you. I cannot wait to become a family. I am so grateful that I have you as a partner to raise our children and lead our family. Everyone tells me I have truly blossomed in the last 9 months, and I cannot wait to see the growth we bring each other in a lifetime.

     - Christian

Christian and Maurice Proposal

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My Afro Caribbean Wedding Christian and Maurice Proposal Christian Maurice
My Afro Caribbean Wedding Christian and Maurice Proposal Christian Maurice
My Afro Caribbean Wedding Christian and Maurice Proposal Christian Maurice




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