Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes Tie the Knot in a Joyous Wedding Celebration in Atlanta

June 13, 2023 Comment

Atlanta’s vibrant atmosphere became even more electrifying as the city witnessed the union of two remarkable individuals, Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes‘s wedding. In a picturesque ceremony held at the luxurious wedding venue St. Regis Atlanta, love filled the air, creating a magical ambiance that would forever be etched in the hearts of all who attended.

As the sun gracefully cast its golden hues over the venue, guests eagerly gathered, their anticipation palpable. The floral arrangements, courtesy of AW Beach, intertwined lush Caribbean blooms with delicate accents, embodying the essence of Pinky’s Jamaican heritage. Posh Couture Rentals and Pomp Posh Event Rentals added an extra touch of elegance with their exquisite rental pieces, transforming the space into a dreamlike paradise.

pinky cole and derrick hays wedding
pinky cole and derrick hays wedding

Capturing every heartfelt moment was the talented Stanlo Photography, known for their ability to immortalize emotions through their lens. Their expertise in visual storytelling ensured that Pinky and Derrick’s love story would be forever cherished.

Bricks Group Media, led by the visionary Nigerian-American Olamide, skillfully maneuvered through the crowds, capturing cinematic footage that would narrate the tale of this grand celebration. Their dedication to their craft promised a wedding film that would encapsulate the essence of the day and evoke emotions for years to come.

Guiding the festivities with utmost precision and flair, The Sharp Standard left no stone unturned. Their attention to detail was evident in every element of the event, from the impeccable draping by Unique Event Elements to the awe-inspiring lighting arrangements by Encore Global. Backdrops from Get Revamped added a touch of glamour, while a stunning dance floor from Wrap City Vinyl set the stage for unforgettable moments.


pinky cole and derrick hays wedding

A moment of sweetness awaited everyone as they beheld the extraordinary wedding cake, a masterpiece crafted by the talented KJ’s Elegant Pastries. Each delectable layer mirrored the couple’s love, intricately designed with attention to detail.

Stationery by Papered Wonders added an elegant touch to the occasion, with every invitation and program exuding sophistication and style. Bodywerk Jewels adorned Pinky and her bridal party with exquisite accessories, adding an extra sparkle to their already radiant beauty.

Pinky, a vision of sheer grace and beauty, donned a breathtaking gown designed by the renowned Milano di Rouge. Every stitch whispered tales of elegance and femininity, perfectly complementing her innate charm. Red Mystique Art worked their magic, meticulously crafting a stunning hairstyle that emphasized Pinky’s radiant personality. The groom, Derrick, exuded sophistication in a tailored tuxedo from Miguel Wilson Collection, a reflection of his refined taste.

As the couple exchanged vows, their love radiated, illuminating the room and touching the hearts of every witness. The atmosphere buzzed with an overwhelming sense of unity, as friends and family rejoiced in this profound moment of love and commitment.

The celebration continued well into the night, with joyful dancing and heartfelt toasts that echoed through the elegant halls of the St. Regis Atlanta. The ambiance, brimming with love and happiness, served as a testament to the extraordinary journey that Pinky and Derrick embarked upon together.

pinky cole and derrick hays wedding
pinky cole and derrick hays wedding

In this blissful union, Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes proved that love transcends boundaries and celebrates the richness of heritage and shared dreams. Their wedding, an amalgamation of Caribbean spirit, reggae rhythms, and unbounded joy, will forever be remembered as a testament to the power of love.

Join us in raising a glass and celebrating the union of Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes with the hashtag #AllHayesandForever, as we cherish the memories and wish them a lifetime of happiness, prosperity, and unending love.

pinky cole and derrick hays wedding

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